About Us :  

Swimming in the air us a great enjoyment, together with comfort, accomplishment, safety and shortening of time. All these are the angels of the fascinating picture of Green Flag Aviation Co. Ltd. One of the leading Aviation Companies which contributes in the practical progress in this field .
Established in 1992, Green Flag Aviation Co. Ltd. today is the leading aviation and sustaining services icons in Sudan.
The fleet of aircraft owned by the company when started business, were 4 aircraft type Bell 212, by development and promotion and as per market requirements the company changed the old fleet with 5 aircraft type Mi-17.
The company now owns 5 aircraft Mi-17, Mi-172 and two Bell-205 and enter the business of fix wing aircraft with (1) IL-76 Cargo, (1) AN-30 VIP, (2) AN-74 Comby, (2) Business Jet, (1) Falcon 50 and (1) Jet Star.

  Vision & Goals :  

- Promotion and progress of aviation services in region.
- Providing distinguished aviation services.
- Expansion in the field of Helicopters and enlargement of the fleet by adding more planes.
- Summoning fixed-wings aircraft and entering the field of scheduled passengers transport.
- Providing agricultural spray services.
- Addition of a new fleet o planes.
- Wide-range marketing.
- Providing tourism industry with a wide range services.
- Providing Helicopter services for media purposes through different media agencies.
- Establishment of company branches and agencies inside the country and abroad.
- Expansion of the company activities by taking foreign authorizations to work in the field of spare parts and maintenance.
- Developing industry partnerships.
- Obtaining the state of the art flight line facilities.
- Ground equipment services.
- Fire Fighting and Air Ambulances.